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Active protective textile switches off the laser

Active protective textile switches off the laser

Active laser protection textiles from JUTEC ensure safety in accordance with DIN EN 60825-4 in high-power laser applications. While passive laser protection materials serve as a barrier between the laser and the outside world at low and medium laser powers, the active textiles ensure that the laser is switched off in an emergency. This eliminates any further danger. 

The special feature of the certified JUTEC protective fabric is an active sensor textile that is connected to the laser’s circuitry via switch-off electronics. If the fabric is damaged, its physical properties change in such a way that the laser is switched off via the electronics. Beam emission is stopped immediately.

The active material is embedded between two layers of classic laser protection fabric. This guarantees that the protective circuit is not already triggered at low radiation intensity. In addition, the time that elapses between the triggering of the stop signal and the absence of laser radiation is bridged. All in all, the protective textile is only about 10mm thick. It can be cut to all shapes and sizes and is therefore flexible in use.


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