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All the benefits of captive screws, but easier to use

All the benefits of captive screws, but easier to use
The 1-035SL Captive-Joiner 9.5 Snap-Line offers all the benefits of traditional captive screws, says Dirak, plus improved ease of use by the end-user, significant reduction in time of installation, and reduction in the risk of damage to sensitive electronic equipment housed inside enclosures. The Captive-Joiner also functions as a slam to close latch, requiring just a simple push of the panel against the frame to ensure latching. 

Delivering ease of use, disengaging the two panels is achieved by turning the knob 45deg instead of the more time consuming traditional screwing and unscrewing required for a captive screw. Further, the Captive-Joiner can be completely removed from both panels on-site and re-installed quickly with a simple push, making it ideal for maintenance applications. Where misalignment is a concern the Captive-Joiner compensates for tight tolerances that are difficult to achieve. 

The knob design offers a comfortable grip for actuation and opening and eliminates the need to install a separate handle. And for applications which require restricted access, the Captive-Joiner is available in a tool (NEBS) operated style.

Traditional captive screws require an insert which can become dislodged if excessive force is applied from the captive screw. The fallen insert can severely damage the electronic equipment housed inside the enclosure. Since the Captive-Joiner does not require an insert, this problem is completely eliminated.

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