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Aluminium construction reduces gas spring weight

Aluminium construction reduces gas spring weight
A lightweight aluminium gas spring is the latest new product available from midlands hardware distributor Albert Jagger.

Gas springs are used everywhere where weights have to be pushed, lifted, lowered, pulled or set into position. Due to the use of a modern nozzle technique, controlled motion speed is possible. The gas spring essentially consists of a piston rod, seal, and a cylinder which is under pressure. It therefore acts as a force accumulator.

The latest addition to the range sitting alongside the existing steel gas springs is a line of aluminium construction gas springs. Realising more than a 50% reduction in weight when compared to a standard steel gas spring of similar specifications, the latest product development in gas springs will help design engineers solve key problems with weight critical applications as component weight can play a major role during the design process, particularly in military, aerospace or medical environments. 

Weighing in at 120g for a typical spring with a 8mm piston diameter and 20mm cylinder diameter with a 150mm stroke, these new gas springs save considerable weight when compared to a heavier 250g for a standard steel gas spring of similar dimensions. Forces between 30 and 500 newtons are available with stroke dimensions ranging from 10 to 300mm.

Manufactured from high grade aluminium alloy, the outstanding quality normally expected from German manufacturer Bansbach has not been compromised in any way in order to achieve this significant weight advantage. This new lightweight aluminium gas spring shares the same key design features as the standard range of Easylift gas springs such as excellent corrosion resistance, prolonged product life cycle, and extremely low break away friction forces achieved through a combination of a super smooth, anodised surface treatment to the piston and a unique sealing design with an integral grease chamber, which also allows fitment in any plane.

With over 30 years experience supplying a diverse range of gas springs, Bansbach enjoy an envious reputation for quality. Their experience and efficient manufacturing is recognised and appreciated by many companies, not only in Europe but through-out the World. Albert Jagger's long association with Bansbach has helped build up many years experience which enables them to respond quickly and positively, giving advice and assistance to determine which gas spring is most suited to a particular application.

Easylift gas springs represent a modular system with an infinite number of off-the-shelf component combinations allowing versatile design solutions with the shortest possible lead times in the industry. They provide controlled pushing, lifting or lowering without external energy. Easylift gas springs are known for low friction figures achieved through the use of modern sealing techniques and quality produced piston rod surfaces. These characteristics are a basis for a long durability of the gas spring and for the secure function in regards to low extension forces.

Bansbach gas springs will operate in ambient temperatures from -30°C to +80°C as standard, but can be equipped with special seals to withstand temperatures as low as -45°C or as high as +200°C. The Easylift gas springs range from are used all across the industrial field, with applications in automotive, furniture, machinery and equipment. Special designs have also been developed to meet the requirements of the medical and aircraft industries: indeed Bansbach was the first gas spring manufacturer worldwide to be certified according to part 21G for aerospace applications.

Gas springs are available in a wide range of sizes, with the biggest Bansbach gas spring featuring a piston rod diameter of 30mm and a cylinder diameter of 70mm. It offers strokes from 100-800mm, with extension force up to 12,000N. A comprehensive catalogue listing the full range of standard stock components is available, along with an easy to use on-line gas spring configurator and force calculator. Whatever the requirement, the combination of special sizes and an extensive stock enable all application needs to be met quickly and efficiently.
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