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An engineer’s guide to selecting a check valve

An engineer’s guide to selecting a check valve

Lee Products has published a new engineer’s guide, giving designers all the information they need to specify check valves. The guide explains exactly what check valves are, their functions and how they work, before looking at different check valve configurations. It then goes on to look at the critical performance characteristics of a check valve, the environmental factors that impact on design, and the performance trade-offs and design challenges.

The Lee Company has been a leading supplier of miniature, precision fluid control products for over 70 years, meeting the needs of users in sectors such as aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, off-road equipment, medical devices and scientific instruments.

Lee Products offers a wide range of check valves designed to be the smallest and reliable products available. Lee check valves are current operating miles beneath the Earth’s surface in tools used to explore for oil, and thousands of miles above it for rocket and satellite propulsion. They are also found in the cars and aeroplanes used every day for transportation.


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