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Approval in low outgassing tasks

Master Bond has developed a high temperature resistant epoxy resin system called EP121CL for service up to 260degC. The two component, optically clear, low viscosity epoxy resin system features high thermal stability, superior electrical insulation properties and outstanding dimensional stability for casting, sealing, potting, encapsulation and impregnation applications.

Especially noteworthy are its mechanical properties of 12,100 psi in tensile strength, 17,200 psi in compressive strength, and its exceptional electrical insulation properties including, a volume resistivity greater than 3x1014 ohm-cm, a dissipation factor of 0.020 at 1MHz and a dielectric constant of 3.34 at 60Hz.

EP121CL is an elevated temperature curing epoxy resin system that passes NASA's low outgassing test. It cures to a tough, strong solid with excellent long term durability and chemical resistance even when exposed to adverse environmental conditions.

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