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Attach mating hardware much more quickly

Attach mating hardware much more quickly New PEM Type SFN spinning flare nuts are designed to rotate freely when permanently captivated in thin metal sheets for quick attachment to mating hardware and reduced need for loose fasteners such as flange nuts. When paired with a self-clinching stud or other fixed externally threaded hardware, all loose hardware can be eliminated to help streamline assembly time and decrease production costs.

PEM Type SFN one-piece flanged steel hex nuts install easily in steel, stainless steel, or aluminium sheets of any hardness and as thin as 1mm. Upon installation, the nut becomes permanently captive and will spin freely in the sheet to accommodate mating hardware for final component attachment.

The fastener installs by inserting it into a properly sized, pre-punched, and embossed mounting hole and then applying sufficient squeezing force to flare the shank. When installed, the part will appear identical to a standard flanged hex nut above the sheet and will remain flush on the other side. PEM Type SFN spinning flare nuts are available in thread sizes M5 through M8.

There is also a range of PEM spinning clinch bolts for use in thin metal sheets. The spinning clinch bolts are available in various lengths and thread sizes from M3 through to M4.
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