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Autonomous Data Collector DCX-25 PVDF

Autonomous Data Collector DCX-25 PVDF The DCX-25 PVDF from Keller is an autonomous, battery powered instrument designed to record water depth (pressure) and temperature over long periods. The housing is made of polyvinylidene fluoride and the sensing diaphragm is available in either Hastelloy C-276 or titanium 6AL-4V. This combination of wetted materials ensures compatibility with even the most aggressive media.

This data collector (25mm) integrates a pressure sensor, electronics and battery in one housing. The electronics employ the latest microprocessor technology, which give high accuracy and resolution for the pressure and temperature signals. The built-in pressure sensor is mathematically compensated for all linearity and temperature errors. The use of a non-volatile memory ensures high data security.

The DCX-25 PVDF works with an absolute pressure sensor. For installation, the data collector is secured by a suspension cable and immersed into the media to be measured and must be recovered for data readout. In shallow water, where the influence of barometric pressure changes should be considered, it is recommended that a second data logger (e.g. DCX-22 Baro) is placed at the surface to record the barometric pressure. The Logger PC software then calcu- lates the water depth by subtracting the two measured values. The housing of the data logger can be opened easily without any tools, thus allowing quick access to the replaceable battery and the interface connector for configuration and data download.

Interface with a PC is accomplished using one of Keller's converter cables which are available in either RS232 connection (K103A) or USB connection (K104A). The necessary converter dri- vers are included with converter purchase, along with the Keller Logger software. This intuitive software provides the capability to customize the instrument, as needed, for each installation. Users can configure the DCX-25 PVDF to record at fixed time intervals, using fixed or event- based start times, in user-selectable measurement methods to ensure that only the most useful and meaningful data is collected and stored.

For applications that do not require highest compatibility with aggressive media, Keller offers the DCX-16, DCX-18, DCX-22 and the DCX-38.

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