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Bowl feeders keep component assembly lines buzzing

Bowl feeders keep component assembly lines buzzing
Individual component parts come in a vast array of different shapes and sizes from miniature components, used in electro-mechanical assemblies, to large plastic mouldings which may be used for underground drainage systems. In each case however, when it comes to the final assembly process, it is essential that each individual part arrives at the correct time, in the correct position and also in the correct orientation. The consistency, reliability and speed of the parts feeding systems if often a critical element in the production and assembly process.

Each individual component type has its own characteristics which must be considered if the part is to be fed and orientated correctly. To cater for this ever growing list of requirements, Riley Automation has developed a comprehensive range of bowl feeding systems. With bowl diameters ranging from 120mm to 1200mm everything from miniature to extremely large parts can be catered for. Bowls can also be coated in a variety of materials to ensure product integrity at the point of assembly, or to assist in the feeding of parts manufactured from some of the more difficult and less responsive materials. 

Riley can also tool bowls externally to cater for parts which will achieve better feeding characteristics using this concept. Where higher outputs are required, multi- track bowls can often be designed and manufactured, effectively doubling the output from a single bowl feeder. And bowls can be manufactured in high grade 304 and 316 Stainless Steel.
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