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Cable management for lifting and transport vehicles

Cable management for lifting and transport vehicles

For lifting platforms and work platforms, Kabelschlepp Metool offers the TKK series – dirt-repellent, extremely solid plastic cable carriers that are ideal for use in small installation spaces. In addition, the manufacturer offers the TKSR95 – a steel cable carrier that was also developed for lifting equipment – as well as special versions for reliable routing and separation of rigid hydraulic hoses and electric cables in extending stabilization legs for commercial vehicles.

Kabelschlepp says the TKK cable carriers are not only extremely robust, lightweight and compact, but also impress with their extensive unsupported length. The compact arrangement in a boom allows for great extension lengths while the high torsional rigidity and lateral stability ensure straight running. The optimised divider design additionally provides efficient protection for cables and hoses with precise inner distribution. The cable carriers have very short end connectors and the dirt-repellent design of the link plates offers particularly effective protection against contamination during use. The smooth surfaces ensure optimum running.

The TKK39 is available in different installation heights from 142 to 240 mm, inner widths from 39 to 99 mm and bending radii from 46 to 95 mm. The pitch and inner height are both 39 mm. The cable carrier can be used unsupported or gliding and supports speeds of up to 3 m/s, accelerations of up to 9 m/s2 and travel lengths of up to 120 m with a maximum additional load of 10 kg/m.

The cable carrier is available with two stay variants: the TKK39.020 with a sturdy, enclosed frame, which is suitable for protecting hydraulic hoses for example, and the TKK39.040 with hinged crossbars that can be opened at any position inside for easy access to cables and hoses during inspection and maintenance. Dividers are either movable or can be fixed in a 2 mm grid, offering flexible height separation for optimum vertical and horizontal separation of cables and hoses.

For hydraulic work platforms, Kabelschlepp says the TKSR95 cable carrier is a robust and energy-saving solution. Its low weight reduces the actuating forces of the entire application. The extensive unsupported length allows for great extension lengths of the boom. With its small bending radius of 85 mm, the TKSR95 is also a space-saving solution for small installation spaces.

It was tested under rough operating conditions and reached 90,000 cycles without failure, which is evidence of its high quality and a long service life. Maintenance, repairs or conversions can easily be carried out in the field, reducing downtime and operating costs. Moreover, use of the cable carrier is particularly environmentally friendly because it is almost 100 % recyclable. To meet individual requirements, Kabelschlepp Metool offers application-specific configurations and excellent customer service worldwide.


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