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Carlo Gavazzi extends NRG Series solid-state relay platform

Carlo Gavazzi extends NRG Series solid-state relay platform

Controls and Automation specialist, Carlo Gavazzi has enhanced its existing product offering of the popular NRG series of solid-state relays with a new NRGC main controller, NRGCN proprietary cables and a new range of solid state relay RG..CM..N which meet all the needs of machine builders as well as Industry 4.0.

The NRG platform was developed specifically for industry 4.0, which is focused on optimising manufacturing operations quickly and efficiently by providing information such as maintenance, performance and other issues that may need attention. The NRGC main controller makes it possible for the machine controller to exchange data with the solid-state relays which provide the user with more efficient processes, real-time data monitoring, prevention of machine breakdown and accurate troubleshooting.

The RG..CM..N offers integrated monitoring and a communication interface to provide variables and diagnostic information in real-time. The variables that can be communicated are current, voltage, frequency, power, energy consumption, load and real SSR running hours. The status of each RG..CM..N is accessible. Faults are specifically indicated to facilitate troubleshooting.

With the new RG..CM..N variant it is now additionally possible to control the output of the solid state relay through the communication interface. Apart from ON/OFF switching, the RG..CM..N can be controlled in various modes, such as % power value in Burst, Distributed or Advanced full cyclic switching modes. The RGS..N (without heatsink) output ratings go up to 660 VAC, 90 A.

The NRG system is extremely flexible and allows the user to modify default limits to adapt to their own specific needs.

The NRG series suits any heating application where reliable and precise maintenance of temperatures is crucial to the quality of the end product. Typical applications include plastic machinery such as injection machines, extrusion machines and PET blow moulding machines, packaging/wrapping machinery, sterilisation machinery, drying tunnels and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and are CE, UL, VDE, EAC and CCC certified.

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