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Cleancon classification model defines 'technical cleanliness'

Cleancon classification model defines 'technical cleanliness'
In view of the growing importance of 'technical cleanliness' fastener specialist Arnold Umformtechnik, working closely with the Fraunhofer Institute, has developed a cleanliness compliance procedure for fasteners - Cleancon.

Arnold has set up its own test laboratory which develops and adapts test specifications to stipulate the degree of component cleanliness required in production and throughout the entire supply chain. What have always been rather general cleanliness requirements for components can now, for the first time, be precisely categorised.

The importance of component cleanliness has increased as the trend for complexity continues. What has become known as 'technical cleanliness' is a value-adding component of a product, affecting its quality, function and service life. Considering the to-date rather undefined requirements imposed by its customers, which simply state maximum permitted values for contamination on products, Arnold Umformtechnik  has now developed Cleancon. The procedural system can be used to implement the cleanliness requirements of VDA 19 and ISO 1623201. The VDA 19 guidelines were issued in November 2005, and quantified for the first time the particulate contamination caused during manufacture, such as swarf and dust.

W orking closely with the customer, Arnold establishes a test procedure to determine the maximum values of a cleanliness class for each component. Where necessary, Arnold makes its own fully equipped laboratory and the test specifications available to the customer.
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