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Cleaner replacement to hydraulics actuators

Cleaner replacement to hydraulics actuators Traditionally, hydraulic cylinders initiate the pressure control required within injection moulding machines to ensure mold integrity. Pneumatic systems can not produce the necessary forces and traditional ball screw designs would have to be oversized to achieve similar forces reliably. During injection moulding, plastic material is heated until molten. A motorized auger screw forces the molten material to the end of the injection cylinder. Once enough material has accumulated in front of the screw, the injection process begins with injection pressure provided by hydraulic actuation. However, using hydraulics inevitably requires the use of hydraulic pumps, pipes, seals and control units within the machine, all of which can be bulky in design and expensive to maintain. The satellite roller screw product, available from Abssac, produce the same linear forces necessary for injection, but also has the advantage of being coupled to less expensive and infinitely more adjustable closed loop electric motor drive designs. Satellite roller screws are particularly suitable for applications where high axial loads, high speed, and high feed speeds are requested. The design of the product transforms rotary movement into a linear movement via threaded rollers which ensure maximum contacts points between the nut and screw enabling heavier axial loads and greater longevity to any linear application. Roller screws also reduce the space that is necessary for hydraulic actuation and can offer a fully traceable performance.

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