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Compact semiconductor-based laser modules

Compact semiconductor-based laser modules

Laser Components can supply compact semiconductor-based laser modules, which it says offer many advantages over traditional gas lasers. Both wavelength stabilised and power stabilised modules are available.

The NovaTru Chroma range is a great example of a wavelength stabilised source, which utilises a high-performance Volume Bragg Grating to enable wavelength stability of ± 0.5nm, which Laser Components says is virtually temperature independent (typically 0.01nm/°C).

Laser Components says the NovaTru Chroma 785nm SLM module is a very popular source for Raman spectroscopy with output power options ranging from hundreds of milliwatts up to 1.5W. The NovaTru Chroma 633 SLM is a drop-in replacement for HeNe lasers, offering up to 50mW of stable power at 632.8nm.

A variety of other wavelengths are available making these compact module sources suitable for other applications such as, flow cytometry, semiconductor processing, fluorescence excitation and more. Various fibre coupled and free space output options are available, as are collimated lenses, which can supply TEM00 Gaussian beam profile if desired. The operating voltage is only 5V and a modulation of up to 100kHz can be achieved.


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