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Configure a tailored safety relay with myPNOZ Creator

Configure a tailored safety relay with myPNOZ Creator

If you want a safety relay that’s precisely tailored to your application, you can now take advantage of myPNOZ from Pilz. With the intuitive online tool myPNOZ Creator, you can assemble your myPNOZ relay, and it’s delivered pre-assembled, set up and tested and so is a completely individualised system, ready to install. No programming knowledge is required to use myPNOZ Creator, as the logic links for the safety functions are defined on myPNOZ via the modules that are selected and the sequence in which they are plugged in.

The myPNOZ safety relay monitors safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gates, light curtains, two-hand controls IIIA/C and enabling switches. It consists of a head module with up to a maximum of eight expansion modules, which can be freely combined.

In the corresponding online tool myPNOZ Creator you can assemble a needs-based safety solution from a wide range of options. Users can switch between a logic view and a hardware view. The option for visualisation and extensive documentation is also available via simulation.

Depending on the safety requirement, users interconnect safety functions such as E-STOP or safety gate using logic AND/OR connections. The online tool myPNOZ Creator uses a symbol to indicate any logic errors in the safety function sequence. Users can add any further safety functions at will and also define details – such as delay-on energisation and delay-on de-energisation for example. Users can check immediately whether a circuit or safety design meets their own requirements in the myPNOZ Creator, using the simulation in the online tool. As a result, errors can be reduced and commissioning accelerated.

Pilz says that myPNOZ represents an efficient, safe solution for mechanical engineering. What’s more the safety relay can be used in various industries. Users benefit with safety applications of simple to average complexity, when two to a maximum of 16 safe input functions are to be monitored, without using engineering software. 

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