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Customisable dashboards, improved message handling and simplified workflow

Customisable dashboards, improved message handling and simplified workflow

MAC Solutions has released a new version of its ProcessVue Analyser, part of the ProcessVue Alarm Management software suite, which includes a variety of new features and functionality, including customisable dashboards, simplified report workflows and enhanced email capabilities – combined with a brand new look and feel.

The latest software release (version 3.0) includes a range of new features and functionality that will help companies to improve their operational efficiencies and productivity:

  • New, modern look and feel – although the core software remains the same as previous versions, ProcessVue has had a complete facelift, giving it a more modern, familiar look and feel.
  • Customisable dashboards – following feedback from customers, ProcessVue now includes a series of data sources that users can use to create their own custom dashboards. This allows users to tailor the dashboards and expand on the existing offering of KPI’s, increasing their operational efficiency and enabling faster analysis of key alarms and events.
  • Accurate handling of out-of-order messages/events – alarm management systems often have to deal with events or messages that are received out-of-sequence. The new release includes a feature whereby any messages accrued out of their true chronological order are now inserted into the ProcessVue Analyser system at the appropriate time. This means that if your system sends alarms and events out of chronological order, you can still accurately report on your alarm systems performance.
  • Simplified report workflows – previous versions of ProcessVue required users to perform multiple actions to generate on-demand reports. The latest release simplifies this process by including a single ‘update’ button that generates reports instantly, helping to improve operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced emailing engine – the emailing engine has also been enhanced. Previous versions of ProcessVue offered limited SMTP email server capabilities. The new release includes a much wider range of email servers, including Microsoft Mail and Google Mail. This is particularly beneficial to users who need to communicate with a wider audience who may be working remotely on different email servers.
  • Sequence of Events (SoE) order view – a date/time view option has now been added as a component of the Analyser, which allows users to view alarms and events in either (a) the order that ProcessVue receives them, or (b) in the actual date & time sorted order. This is an important new feature that users will use to analyse interlinked plant and equipment following an alarm or event.
  • Active Directory – with integration to Active Directory, setting up multiple users can now be achieved with minimal effort. You can access the alarms and events stored in ProcessVue using your domain logon credentials.

In addition to the above, a further enhancement, Inhibit Tracking, is planned for the next release of ProcessVue. When users inhibit certain safety functions, this information will be inserted into an inhibit register, providing the business with a documented record of this action (tracking and reporting) and supporting Health and Safety responsibilities.

ProcessVue has been developed with the benefit of over 40 years’ experience and expertise in alarm management systems. The architecture has been designed to allow interfacing with virtually any control system, bringing all data into a standard configurable format, for simple ‘Sequence of Events’ display, high level Key Performance Indicator reporting analysis, Master Alarm Database (MADb) for rationalisation and documentation. The software is modularised, scalable and built using modern technologies.


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