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CW fibre amplifiers for your application

CW fibre amplifiers for your application

Laser Components offers CW Erbium doped fibre amplifiers for C- and L-band (CEFA-C-PB; CEFA-L-PB) as well as CW Ytterbium doped fibre amplifiers, CYFA-PB. These C-band and L-band amplifiers deliver respectively up to 43dBm and 33dBm of saturated output power and offer the highest quality of beam amplification, designed for single channel amplification.

The CYFA-PB series are designed for continuous wave operations in the 1.0μm range and deliver up to 42dBm of saturated output power.

The company says it is proud to service a variety of applications including LiDAR, spectroscopy, optical component testing, medical, and cold atom. It has noticed an increasing demand for Erbium doped fibre amplifiers due to quantum technologies receiving funding within the UK, and myriads of research in this field such as cold atom focusing on accurate atomic clocks.

Laser Components’ compact OEM module Erbium and Ytterbium doped amplifiers provide robustness and reliability. The benchtop can be controlled from the front panel or via RS232 and RJ45 with SNMP protocol. Furthermore, these units offer a capability for a linewidth < 100kHz. The option of single mode fibre or polarisation maintaining fibre is available.


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