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Decentralised inverter for larger plants

Decentralised inverter for larger plants The Lenze 8400 protec is a decentralised frequency inverter for wall mounting that reduces build costs, lowers operating costs and minimises downtime.  It is designed for larger material handling plants such as automotive production lines and airport baggage handling systems.  Suiting motors from 0.37 to 4.0kW, the 8400 protec is available with a wide range of modular options and a high level of protection to IP65.

The 8400 protec has the ability to reduce installation costs by establishing a local station for processing signals.  As standard there is analog and digital I/O plus PID processing.  Optional is the inclusion of the PLC intelligence with programming to IEC 61131-3. Thus establishing a local station can reduce the cabling and the amount of data passed around the plant.  In addition a power bus of unshielded cable can be used with a spur connection to the 8400 protec. If it is sited close to the motor, no shielded cables are needed at all. A lockable isolator on the face of the 8400 protec is optional.

High performance of the 8400 protec helps to reduce operating costs. Starting torque of 200% is delivered through smooth S-ramps. Customers can choose safety options STO and SS1 which can speed production by allowing operators safe and rapid access for machine settings. Lenze VFC eco software is a switchable standard option which reduces energy costs up to 30% when motors are running lightly loaded.  

The cost of downtime is very high in large plants and here the 8400 protec also scores highly. Motor protection is standard and LED diagnostic displays reduce the time for fault finding.  Changing a drive is fast due to plug connections and a pluggable memory module that transfers programs without the involvement of a software engineer.  Finally the casing is a robust aluminium structure resistant to knocks.

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