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Dispensers offer fine adhesive control

Manual dispensing is problematical across all industries - not getting material in the right place in the right amounts at the right time can lead to problems of quality degradation and lost production. The Adhere Autotube from Intertronics does away with all that in a precise, easily operable package, allowing fine trigger control or a pressurised delivery system. The Adhere Autotube from Intertronics is designed to dispense liquids, pastes, greases, silicons or similar materials directly from its collapsible 'toothpaste tubes'. It minimises messy transfer, as well as air bubbles and contamination, and provides dispensing control and accuracy. A pneumatic dispenser, the DSPE501A controls the dispense cycle for industry standard 'toothpaste tubes' of 100g, 200g and 300g.

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