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04/11/2020 - 05/11/2020

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25/01/2021 - 27/01/2021

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Don't buy chain based on breaking load

Don't buy chain based on breaking load Too many engineers are selecting chain according to the wrong criteria and are ending up with a product that is destined to either premature wear, or even failure, as a result. That is according to a recent report on Renold Chain's web site as the company launches a series of initiatives to try and educate engineers that chain will last longer if it is specified correctly. According to the company, a lot of engineers are using breaking load as an absolute measure of performance when there is a huge variation in working life for different chains with identical breaking loads. Explaining the origin of the problem, Renold Chain's marketing manager David Turner says: "You can't blame engineers for using breaking load as a criterion for selecting chain. Breaking load was one of the earliest chain standards so engineers got used to specifying it that way and many of them still do. What we have to do now is to re-educate engineers that breaking loads is no guide to chain performance, and that chain strength is not the best measure of chain life. In fact, high tensile strength can lead to a shortened working life if component strength has been achieved by making parts hard but brittle." The first thing is to put considerations of breaking load to one side. Chain should be operated well below any load at which it could break. In fact, permanent damage will occur if the load on a chain is more than the elastic limit of the steel parts. Of great importance for longer working life is the overall ability of the selected chain to manage the applied loads and provide fatigue resistance well above the application's anticipated working loads. Most good chain manufacturers will know the fatigue limits of their products and it is this that engineers should be taking into consideration rather than breaking loads.

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