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Dual detection is sweet solution

Dual detection is sweet solution
The production of fruit based products presents difficult contamination detection and removal problems, especially where a wide variety of fruit materials are being processed. Gebruder Bagusat, a leading German manufacturer of semi-finished fruit products for the ice-cream, baking, dairy, beverage, and chocolate industries, and finished goods for food retailers and professional caterers, is using a combination of magnetic and inductive techniques to ensure that its fruit preparations/purees, fruit in alcohol and fresh fruit salads are free of metallic contamination to meet HACCP food standard requirements.

The main contamination risk comes from wear and tear on processing machinery introducing stainless steel particles into the fruit product.  As stainless steel is only slightly magnetic, an extremely strong magnetic field is needed to remove the contamination. A S+S Liquimag uses an array of rare earth neodymium magnets which attracts and holds the smallest magnetic particles.  The Easy Clean system allows the collected contamination to be removed easily and quickly.  Non-magnetic contamination is removed by an S+S Liquiscan using induction detection technology with a microelectronic control systems that includes an auto-teach function to simplify operation when frequent product changeovers are required.  Contamination is directed to a reject bin and, because the Liquimag unit has removed much of the contamination, product wastage is reduced to a minimum.

At Gebruder Bagusat, both units are mounted on wheeled carriages to allow maximum flexibility and accommodate frequent changes to production sequences and products.

Wolfgang Lischka, production manager at Gebrüder Bagusat said " Because it removes finest magnetic contamination, the combination of Liquimag magnetic and Liquiscan induction separators improves the safety of our fruit preparations and, compared to other systems, these S+S systems are very reliable and easy to operation. The easy cleaning of the magnetic separator, for example, saves us a lot of time with frequently changing the production operation.  As our production capacity increases, we will install more S+S contamination separators."
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