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Dual homing redundancy at a reduced cost

Dual homing redundancy at a reduced cost GarrettCom has overcome the cost and product availability problems associated with dual homing with the launch of a low cost, Ethernet switch that incorporates a new dual homing technology. With the ESD42 dual homing Ethernet switch, the dual homing function is moved from the field node into the switch itself. Connecting to any Ethernet enabled controller or device on the plant floor, the compact ESD42 dedicates two peer ports to provide two network access points to protect against any single point of failure on the network. Detection of a media connection fault or an upstream switch failure simply causes the ESD42 to transfer upstream network activity to the other port, typically within 300 milliseconds. The ESD42 is itself an extremely cost-effective device, but it also massively reduces the cost of implementing dual homing by removing the need to buy dual-homing enabled PLCs, industrial controllers, sensors, etc. Redundancy can be provided for any Ethernet enabled device: it is simply plugged into one of the local-device ports of an ESD42 switch, while the two dual homing ports on the ESD42 are connected upstream. And no dual homing controller is required to detect network failures and implement the connection transfer: instead, GarretCom's patent-pending technology will detect Link Loss on the operating port and automatically switch all data transfers to and from the connected devices to the standby port, which then becomes the operating port.

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