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Fast conveyor adjustment increases productivity

Fast conveyor adjustment increases productivity

Abssac has recently supplied a stainless steel food compatible hydraulic clamping bush for quickly adjusting conveyor width, providing positioning of the pulley belt wheels in only three seconds by turning just one space saving screw.

When a pressure is exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid it is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid. The pressure ratio (initial difference) remains the same throughout the fluid. This principle is successfully used in the range of ETP products, which provide an innovative quick and easy clamping of hubs or shafts.

Available through Abssac, the ETP range of hydraulic hub and shaft clamping devices can be removed or repositioned, mounting and dismantling in less than a few seconds. All ETP products consist of a double-walled hardened steel (in some cases stainless steel) sleeve, filled with a pressure medium. In the product flange there are one or more screws and a piston with seals for the pressure setting.

When the pressure screw is tightened, an even and moderately high surface pressure is created against the shaft and hub, causing the strong and reliable locking effect. The self-contained product allows this procedure to be repeated many times and eliminates the need for keyways on the shaft. The clamping effect does not mark the shaft during fitting. The compact designs ensure better shaft concentricity and increased balance at increased machine speeds. The quick release capability of this product can provide, shorter downtime for service as well as increased precision. The hydraulic principle gives an immediate advantage for today´s modern machines.

The principle proved particularly beneficial in a food production application, where fast moving units of packaged ready meals were continuously flying along a conveyor system, ultimately heading towards the final packaging area. In this environment, downtime needs to be kept to an absolute minimum and so when Abssac supplied stainless steel food compatible hydraulic clamping bushes for fast adjustment of the conveyor width, the customer was able see the benefits immediately.

Previously positioning of the pulley belt wheels was accomplished by removing a multi bolt shaft hub clamping arrangement. Production would have to stop for this maintenance to be carried out and so the pressure was on to complete the task as quickly as possible each time this process was carried.

In this environment downtime costs money. But with the ETP Express R clamping bush, positioning of the pulley belt wheels is accomplished by turning a single screw, and takes just three seconds. ETP Express R has no pockets or crevices for food to get lodged and can be removed and refitted in seconds as opposed to minutes, as is usual with the traditional mechanical locking bushes on the market. The keyless friction gripping devices are washdown suitable.


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