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FDB Panel Fittings compression latches for special purposes

FDB Panel Fittings compression latches for special purposes

FDB compression latches from sales partner DIRAK often find their application in what may be considered ‘special’ niche situations such as rail or road vehicles, food processing plant and similar, where they provide security and rugged operation.

Compression latches are by design especially vibration resistant to nuisance opening and so are applicable to closing of doors and drawers where a rough ride is expected, or where security from vibration is a paramount consideration, as in many road or rail applications.

The compression feature of these latches also confers a very high degree of sealing with IP67 being achievable in many cases if required. The actual gasket compression is generally in the order of 6mm, which aids full gasket pull-down and full sealing which is often required in wash-down areas of food processing or in pharmaceutical manufacturing areas.

DIRAK compression latches from FDB include many types of quarter turns, plus a roller cam/rod lock system for larger control cabinets, e.g. for lineside rail installations or other challenging areas.

In line with their compression features many of these latches include a cam depth adjustment which permits tailoring of fit between the door and frame during manufacture of the panel or during installation.


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