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Focusing on the benefits of cable carriers

Focusing on the benefits of cable carriers
There are many different applications for cable carriers and similar products. As a result, there are also many different requirements that such solutions must follow. Easy to install, reliable, smooth and gentle all the way into an application or machine - these are some of the common requests. Sometimes, the requirements for cable carrier solutions appear quite mundane at first glance: it must hold securely, be tightly sealed, or be high enough. 

Whether the requirements are simple or complex, Kabelschlepp says it is able to innovate and convert ideas from a wide variety of cable carrier applications into user-friendly products. In particular, if you need a tightly sealed system, CoverTrax 1555 might be just what you're after, providing effective cable protection in harsh environments. This covered cable carrier provides effective protection against metal chips, dust and dirt, and prevents objects from entering the cable compartment. 

This is possible through optimised geometry and a reinforced cover contour that permits extremely small gap dimensions, even at large carrier widths. As a result, objects can neither wedge in the gaps nor penetrate the inside of the carrier while it is in motion. Since the cover is flush with the sideband, dirt is diverted to the sides. The overall design of CoverTrax ensures that objects, dust and dirt have little chance to reach the inside of the carrier. Additional features of the CoverTrax 1555 design include the smooth contour of the sideband and the extremely quiet operation resulting from the encapsulated stroke system. 

CoverTrax even meets the requirement to remain tightly sealed close to the connection point, since it features cover systems both inside and outside here. Thus, with flat front connection, a completely enclosed variant is possible. This innovation from Kabelschlepp is designed for both self-supported (gliding) and unsupported installation.
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