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Geared motors offer higher power densities

Geared motors offer higher power densities The new Lenze g500 range of geared motors takes advantage of the latest developments in materials and machining to get more drive torque out of a given size. At the same time weight is reduced and a high running efficiency is achieved with four alternative types of AC motor. The g500 range was launched at the SPS/IPC show in Nurnberg this November, for output torques up to 600Nm.

The g500 geared motors are available in helical, shaft mounted helical and helical bevel designs. Although the helical models are expected to be the most popular, the shaft mounted helical offers a cost-effective mounting option with its hollow output shaft. The helical bevel right-angle models have either a hollow or a male shaft and ratios up to 100:1 are possible. Typical running efficiencies are 96% and Lenze says the low heat losses have contributed to high performance. Output torques show increases up to 20% whilst sizes are typically 20% smaller. Lenze says this leads to weight reductions of up to 40%. Assembled lengths are shorter too thanks to an innovative threaded connection between motor and gearbox.

There are four motor options available for the g500 range. At lower powers IE1 rated motors are suitable but the connection of IE2 motors is equally possible. Where a frequency inverter is to be used the Lenze MF range of motors is a good option allowing the motor frame to shrink by up to two sizes. The new Lenze Smart Motor - which Lenze describes as a "quantum leap" in motor technology - is another option, ideal for conveyor and material handling, with freely settable speeds from 500 to 2000r/min plus soft start/stop ramps.

"As the losses are so low, the motor has to deliver less energy which improves the bottom-line efficiency of the whole system" comments Rune Friis-Knutzen, head of product development at Lenze. "Furthermore the lower level of generated heat and improved cooling air flow increases the service life of the oil dramatically".

With the g500 range Lenze has gone back to the drawing board and asked serious questions on all aspects of the design. The result brings benefits to machine builders with higher power density, higher efficiency and longer life. After this first phase the range will be extended in cast iron models for torques up to 13000Nm.
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