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Helping OEMs bring motion systems to market faster

Helping OEMs bring motion systems to market faster Inmoco's new range of ION intelligent Digital Drives, from Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD), improve design times and provide easier integration, enabling OEMs to bring complex, critical motion systems to market faster. The ION line also offers advantages with its power ranges of 500W and 3000W; these allow a wider range of motor types and sizes to be combined in multi-axes motion positioning applications when using ION Drives.

The ION 500 and 3000 drives are compact modules that provide power amplification, advanced motion control features and network connectivity in a robust, easy to use enclosed package. Both models are available for DC brush, brushless DC and micro-stepping motors, and are ideal for medical, scientific, semiconductor, industrial, robotic and general automation applications.

Key to the performance of the new ION Digital Drives is PMD's advanced Magellan Motion Control IC, complete with its enhanced instruction set. This combination provides 32-bit processing power to initialise and control the motion control application, monitor performance and synchronise overall drive behaviour.

Employing the capabilities of the high performance Magellan Motion Processor to the full, the ION Digital Drives have CAN bus and serial communications, and accept commands over the network, such as position, velocity, acceleration and current from a host; the drives then generate a corresponding trajectory on-the-fly.

The ION drives control 3-phase brushless motors using field oriented control or sinusoidal commutation. User selectable profiling modes include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, electronic gearing and pulse & direction (ION 3000W model only). Other features include hardware performance trace and the ability to separately programmable acceleration and deceleration value changes on-the-fly.

Supporting the fast set-up and commissioning of the ION drives is PMD's Pro-Motion and C-Motion software. Pro-Motion is a Microsoft Windows-based prototyping tool, to rapidly set up, tune, and test motion control systems that use the Magellan Motion Control Processor. Pro-Motion optimises motion system applications by facilitating the setting and viewing of all parameters and the exercising of all features of a motion design. It includes a step-by-step axis wizard that allows designers to quickly and easily tune control loops.

C-Motion development software is the motion control programming library for Magellan that provides a convenient set of call-able C/C++ programming routines which contain all the code required to communicate with and control Magellan within an application. C-Motion enables application specific C/C++ coding to be easily combined with C-Motion source code libraries. All set-up and development software is included free with ION drives.

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