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HepcoMotion rings the changes with new ring and track system

HepcoMotion rings the changes with new ring and track system
With so many options available in one product line it is hardly surprising that the new product is being received well. One of the favourite options being specified now is the new range of single edge rings with larger gear sizes across the full width of the ring. This is allowing customers to drive at higher speeds due to the superior driving forces that can now be applied. Size for size against the previous double edge gear driven ring, the increase in driving force can be as high as eight times, depending upon pinion selected.

Single edge rings are available up to 874mm diameter; compact and easy to install they can be driven either with gear on the inside or outside. Orders are being seen across the whole size range but especially in the sizes under 500mm diameter.

Another popular choice is the expanded range of ring segments, now available in 13 different diameters up to 1.5 metres. Produced from double edge rings, typical applications can be seen on tool changing devices, in fact any application where movement through an arc is preferable. 

Segment angles are often 90° but can be 45, 60, 120, and 180. The ring will be cut to suit. When a segment is linked to a straight slide a 'hockey stick' shape track system can be produced providing a cost effective method of achieving combined rotary and linear movement. This very concept is now in use by a major German machine tool manufacturer as the guidance element in their tool changing systems.
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