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Hi-res laser sensor for less than £500

Hi-res laser sensor for less than £500 A non-contact, optoelectronic displacement (position) measurement sensor has been launched that offers OEMs, machine builders and end users all the technical advantages of its predecessor, but at half the cost. The new unit sells for £549, offering great value for end users. OEMs who buy in higher volumes, will benefit from an even lower price per unit of less than £500. Micro-Epsilon's new compact, robust optoNCDT 1300 laser sensor measures displacement against almost any target (including shiny black rubber surfaces) without contacting the object. The sensor has an integrated digital signal processor and is suitable for a wide range of applications in industrial automation and production environments, including parts measurement; surface contour measurement; epoxy placement on integrated circuits; weld seam detection on welding robots; automotive vehicle positioning and height; tool positioning; eccentricity; shape conformance; positioning on conveyors; bending and tilt angles; part recognition; thickness; deformation and waviness.

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