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High performance brake overcomes limitations of marine motor brakes

High performance brake overcomes limitations of marine motor brakes

For motor OEMs supplying units for demanding marine applications, it can be hard to source a single braking solution for that matches the requirements of multiple applications. Thankfully, with Stromag’s new High Performance Brake (HPB), motor OEMs and shipbuilders now have access to a heavy duty, highly flexible motor brake to efficiently meet the needs of windlasses, winches and hoists simultaneously.

The HPB is designed specifically for use in demanding marine applications. Offering an IP67 ingress protection rating for reliable operation even when submerged in seawater, the HPB can tackle adverse marine weather conditions. Additionally, surface protection, a high level of robustness and suitability for operation in low temperatures means the HPB is well suited for on deck winches or windlasses, as well as hoists and offshore cranes. Its excellent heat dissipation characteristics help to ensure reliable performance for working, holding and sudden stops.

While these features could be expected of any heavy-duty brake operating in a marine environment, where the HPB defies expectation is its moving torque range. With a torque rating between 80 Nm and 5000 Nm, the HPB can meet a wide range of braking requirements. What differentiates it is the ability for different units to be specialised for separate torque ratings without a large variance in brake size.

An innovative, modular design makes this possible. The standard 2 face model can be supplemented with additional friction linings to create a 4 face design, allowing the brake to effectively double its torque capacity while maintaining a compact footprint. For winches and hoists on ships, where a multitude of brakes will be required across a single vessel, this greatly maximises space efficiency on deck.

Furthermore, the varying torque ranges required for windlasses or winches can be accommodated within the same unit with minimal changes. The electromagnetic design ensures this can be achieved utilising the same basic brake architecture. Three different friction materials are offered, allowing torque capacity to be further honed.

The principle benefit of this increased braking capability is that motors can be operated at higher speeds with the HPB installed. For ships docking or raising and lowering anchors, compact high-speed windlasses and winches can allow for these processes to be completed faster. On a large container ship, this minimises time spent in port, allowing for cargo to be delivered quickly. In logistics, time is money, so improving the threshold of braking performance ensures that the HPB is not a limiting factor in improving the efficiency of operations.

While offering a common architecture across brake models, aspects of the HPB are entirely customisable to meet OEM motor specifications. Connections, hubs, end caps and flanges can all be modified to fit seamlessly with existing motor models. This ensures easy assembly on the production line, enabling time savings. The HPB can also be retrofitted with ease. Stromag, a leading brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp., champions the specialisation service it provides - with the company currently supplying customised HPBs for a leading Danish distributor of electric motors.

Standard options include tachometer mounting, terminal boxes, anti-condensation heaters and microswitches/inductive proximity switches to monitor switching states or provide wear indication.

Design flexibility does not translate to a multitude of spare parts however. The same main spare components can be used across all HPB sizes, greatly streamlining procurement. This also serves to reduce required parts inventory, a benefit to both OEMs and operators. Consequently, despite a high level of specialisation, components for the HPB are still relatively cost-effective.

Stromag is a global designer and manufacturer of brakes, clutches and couplings for the marine sector – with its products operational in commercial and navy vessels of multiple classes around the world. OEMs and shipbuilders can therefore be assured of not only products with high proficiency, but also responsive technical and maintenance support to maximise vessel efficiency long-term.


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