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High strength and fast cure take instant adhesives to the next level

Generic Cyanoacrylates have earned the reputation of 'instant' adhesives from their ability to be used immediately with little preparation and to cure in very short time periods. ThreeBond TB7700 Gold Series now takes that a stage further with Ultra-fast curing (as low as 2 seconds), very high initial bond strength and enhanced substrate applicability, even encompassing porous or hard-to-bond materials such as PBT, PCM or PPS.

ThreeBond TB7700 is based primarily around ethyl-x-cyanoacrylate technology re-formulated to bond remarkably quickly to an extensive range of common materials and providing tensile shear strengths frequently in excess of the substrate itself. Suitable substrates include many metals, polyethylenes, polycarbonate, nylons, rubbers, papers, woods, ceramics and others.

Gold Label Series was created by ThreeBond in response to the needs of industrial processes to bond parts quickly, dealing with varying permeability and even in place of traditional jigging fixtures to hold assemblies while epoxies or acrylic adhesives achieve full cure and maximum strength. Test results with clean, but untreated surfaces in relative humidity of 50 percent at 25degC have shown remarkably aggressive performances. Low levels of surface moisture are of course required to trigger a chemical cure in cyanoacrylate and is one reason why they are such a relatively tolerant family of adhesives to use.

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