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Highly bright signal tower offers seven colours and seven positions

Highly bright signal tower offers seven colours and seven positions

New from OEM Automatic is the Modul-Perfect PC7 signal tower. Manufactured by Auer Signal, it has been designed from the ground up to address today’s demanding machinery requirements. The PC7 offers a host of benefits including brighter signalling, flexible construction and positioning, increased functionality, and the possibility to combine up to seven modules in a single device.

Signal towers have become an increasingly important part of machine design, evolving from simple machine-stopped/machine-running indicators into invaluable tools that give operators increasingly sophisticated information on machine status, and ensure greater safety and efficiency. A growing range of signalling options enable operators to monitor and identify a host of different machine operation status conditions more quickly, and take appropriate action to maximise uptime and productivity.

There are many signal towers on the market, but not all products are created equal, and sometimes increased functionality comes at the cost of greater complexity of construction and programming, or reduced flexibility. These are all issues that Auer Signal looked to address in the design of its next generation of signal towers, and the result of its development is the PC7, setting new standards for visibility, functionality and flexibility. Up to six times brighter than other designs on the market, the PC7 guarantees the best possible signalling effect, even when faced with the challenge of very bright ambient lighting. That greater visibility means operators react to changes in a machine’s operating condition more quickly, resulting in improved productivity.

In addition to this increased brightness, modules have been developed to offer new functions, with the standard steady light being complemented by a multi-function module, a rotating light module, a multi-colour module and three different tone modules. The rotating light module can be set at two different rotation speeds – 90rpm and 180rpm – using simple DIP switch setting. With the multi-colour module, users can choose from red, yellow, green, blue, clear, magenta and turquoise, giving flexible options for defining indication of different machine status conditions. These seven different colours are addressed by inputs on the module. The multi-function module can also offer strobe functions.

With the addition of the new tone modules, the PC7 is not only brighter but also offers superior acoustic performance. Users have a choice of three different multi-tone modules, each with adjustable volume, and which can be placed in any position on the tower. The simplest module offers up to eight different tones, with the next module up offering up to 16 tone groups. Completing the range is a module with MP3/voice output capability, enabling users to playback custom created tones or specific messages.

Auer Signal has also developed a new top module for the PC7. Even brighter than the standard modules, it also offers an expanded beam angle so that, in addition to the 360° horizontal coverage, it also provides 180° vertical hemispherical lighting. This increases the signalling effect and ensures that the tower is clearly visible at different heights. When this new top module is combined with the various different light and tone modules, the result is an extremely high performance visual-audible signalling device that offers a multitude of signalling options.

Up to seven modules can be flexibly combined, making PC7 the highest functionality signal tower on the market, as well as the tallest. Different modules are simply clipped together to form the tower, with a patented system of eight inner contacts making the electrical connection. The eight contacts are enough to enable up to seven positions and functions, making even the most challenging visual-audible tower variants feasible. The patented contacting system also enhances the visual appearance of the PC7, eliminating any requirement for externally visible contacting wires.

The PC7 also offers flexible mounting to a machine or panel. Along with all of the common mounting options, the PC7 is additionally available with an M12 connector base for electrical connection, with the tower physically mounted quickly using a single hole system with an M30 nut.

In highly competitive and increasingly global manufacturing environments where the ability to maximise productivity is vital, the PC7 can make an important contribution to increased machine availability and efficiency. It also provides a future-proofed solution where the functionality of the signal tower can be readily changed as application requirements evolve.

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