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HMIs are simple, smart and super energy efficient

HMIs are simple, smart and super energy efficient
Products4Automation has introduced the new Monitouch V8 Series of operator interfaces, extending its range of Ethernet compatible flat panel HMIs available to the UK market, with power consumption some 40% lower than that of conventional HMI products.

Designed to be simple to use, extremely adaptable and highly compatible with existing control and process hardware and software, the Monitouch V8 is ideal for cost sensitive HMI applications that still require the versatility of a high-end function product and guaranteed quality. The V8 series communicates with multiple devices - from PLCs and PCs to printers, card readers and movie cameras to sensors - including up to two factory automation (FA) networks. The V8 can support SCADA products displaying production data from an entire plant at-a-glance in clear real-time images. It also has direct connection to the Siemens S7 range using the PPI and MPI protocols, meaning there is no need for middleware connectors.

Paul Hurst, Managing Director for P4A, comments: "The Monitouch V8 is ideal for anyone who needs a fast updating, high-resolution colour or black and white display HMI at a competitive price. Its flexibility and compatibility allows customers to connect systems together and visualise various production processes in great detail. The comprehensive communication and control options provide a middle ground in the Operator Interface market that is ideal for many small to medium sized machine manufacturers and automation systems integrators."

The V8 range of monitors is available in screen sizes from 5.7  to 15in; users have the choice of monochrome or full colour displays. A two-way reinforced USB interface makes it possible to connect to PC peripherals and allows PCs to write ladder programs to the HMIs, and to use PC based management software to monitor performance. A wide range of pug and socket options are available, including addi-tional USB sockets on the front of the display. The V8 series is equipped with a long-life (up to 50,000 hours), environmentally friendly LED backlight which does not require replacement - and delivers a 40% saving in power consumption compared to conventional products. The high-resolution display offers 65,536 colours at its maximum resolution.
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