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HMIs meet user requirements

HMIs meet user requirements Essentially, if a new graphical HMI development is to be seriously considered as a viable alternative to a simpler text only display, as a minimum it has to offer: similar price to a text HMI; be compact; have a clear display; it must be as easy as a text display to set up; and it must be easily connectable to a wide variety of third party equipment. Overcoming the price barrier to graphical HMIs, while delivering many of the features of high-end display systems, is entirely possible, as shown by a new and inexpensive entry level HMI from Telemecanique, a brand of Schneider Electric. The Magelis XBTGT11 range, despite being packed with advanced features, is available at a price similar to simple text based HMI solutions. This new unit has a compact 3.8in touchscreen with 6 function keys built into the facia, and a specification that includes many high-end HMI features. Indeed, the HMI combines the user friendliness of the touchscreen with the robustness of fixed keys. This feature can also save on wear and tear of the screen itself for commonly used buttons, while also freeing up valuable screen space.

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