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Hybrid adhesive technology is the latest breakthrough from Loctite

Hybrid adhesive technology is the latest breakthrough from Loctite

Henkel is known for continually pushing the performance and application boundaries of engineering adhesives and its latest innovation certainly upholds this tradition. Under its LOCTITE brand, the company has developed a new range of Universal Structural Bonders whose many attributes have been achieved through new, patented hybrid technology.

The general-purpose Universal Structural Bonders combine the qualities of various adhesive technologies to achieve bond strength, fast fixture speed and durability. They provide improved performance on a variety of substrates and the versatility to solve many more maintenance and repair challenges. Formulated specifically for application in harsh factory and plant environments, they are effective in a wide variety of operating conditions, from temperature extremes to high vibration.

A variety of different adhesive technologies are available for structural bonding – two-part methyl methacrylate adhesives (MMA), epoxies and polyurethanes being the most common. Each has its strengths but none have the safety credentials of the new LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders. This quality makes them the ideal choice for all general-purpose bonding applications where health and safety is of paramount concern.

The new LOCTITE HY 4070 provides a good example of what hybrid technology means to maintenance engineers seeking methods to optimize efficiency and reduce costs while keeping plant running smoothly and safely.

LOCTITE HY 4070 provides ultra-fast fixturing and bond strength on most plastics or plastic/metal combinations and also on rubber materials. This hybrid is a must-have in any maintenance tool box - one product for multiple applications. It therefore simplifies the adhesive selection process, reduces inventory and the need for storage.

Although suitable for the lion’s share of applications where a 60-second fixture is required, it is particularly good where variable gaps up to 5mm between mixed substrates are involved.

Typical applications include the tacking and temporary location of parts before permanent fixture through to emergency repair of moulded plastics or metal parts and rebuilding plastic lugs and mounts. Go to for more information.


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