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If it's fixed speed, it's the wrong speed

The SMV range of frequency inverters from Lenze is now available with an integrated isolator.  This standalone drive is the answer for modernising a vast number of drive situations encountered throughout industry. With IP65 enclosure it can be used anywhere on motors up to 7.5kW with single and 3-phase supplies. This represents 70% of the AC motors used in the UK. The addition of a simple isolator without reducing the enclosure class makes the SMV even easier to integrate into machine concepts.

These inverters are an easy way to convert fixed speed motors to variable speed running. Uses include improving comfort levels in ventilation systems, allowing the drive to stop or run at creep speed when there is no demand and matching speed to the demand from the load, as is often needed with fans and pumps. In all these cases the SMV inverter can be simply fixed to any flat surface near the motor without requiring a panel.  Energy cost start falling as the speed reduces. In fact the saving is proportional to the cube of the speed, so a reduction of only 20% can cut electricity bills by 50%.  The result is that payback periods of less than a year are commonplace.

Mechanical variators that use belt, chain or planetary designs can readily be replaced by the SMV inverters.  Such variators work with the motor running continuously at rated speed and their mechanical friction design means efficiency is relatively low. In addition periodic maintenance and downtime is needed. The SMV inverters are maintenance free, will run at significantly higher efficiency levels typically saving 10-40% running costs, and will give a broader speed range up to 50:1 with better speed holding accuracy.

The Lenze SMV is a range of modern flux vector controlled frequency inverters designed with IP65 enclosure to operate outside control cabinets. It is available for single-phase supplies up to 2.2kW and 3-phase up to 7.5kW delivering 200% overload up to 15 seconds. Simple pushbutton control with a LED display is available on the front face. Alternatively remote control is possible via a potentiometer, digital signals or fieldbuses Ethernet, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS and CANopen. Another special feature is the EMV plug-in memory chip that stores all the drive parameters. This is a great aid for series production where drives can be set up off-line, and makes drive replacement a simple task.
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