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Igus rotary table bearings adjust quickly and precisely

Igus rotary table bearings adjust quickly and precisely

With a new locking mechanism, Igus has added more functions to its lubrication- and maintenance-free slewing ring bearings in the PRT-04 series for tight installation spaces. This saves time in adjusting, for example, assembly tables, jigs, fixtures and control panels.

Fitters and technicians often work with rotating assembly tables. Once a component has been attached, the fitter turns the table to complete the next work step without changing their own position. Finding the optimal setting for each rotation is important, making adjustments that quickly add up to several hours a month. And especially at the end of a shift when concentration can fade, there is a risk of turning the table too far and missing a work step. This can lead to expensive rework.

“To solve these problems, we have added a new locking function for our PRT-04 series rotary table bearings,” says Dean Aylott, product manager for the PRT slewing ring business at Ogus UK. “This is a comparatively simple mechanical device but is very effective.”

The locking function for the PRT-04 rotary table bearings is easy to use. Before turning, the spring bolt is pulled by hand. At the next latch point, which is every 90 degrees by default, the bolt snaps back in after rotation and holds the bearing securely in position. The user no longer wastes time with further adjustments.

Furthermore, the locking points can be set individually. So, in an engine assembly for example, the operator can rotate the table 20° to screw a glow plug into an engine, then make another rotation by 70° to insert the oil dipstick. Snapping back into place makes it impossible to forget a step. The PRT-04 with locking function is part of a comprehensive modular system that has been specially developed for use in small installation spaces with loads of up to 48,000N. This allows users to configure individual iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings in one of eight sizes from 20 to 300 millimetres.

In addition to accessories such as drive pins, a variable mounting plate and clamping lever, Igus offers three external gears as well as internal gearing for limited installation spaces. The slewing ring bearings can be driven with tooth belts or gears, which are injection moulded from wear-resistant tribo-polymers. As with all its slewing ring bearings, Igus uses radially and axially-acting sliding elements between the inner and outer rings of the bearing. The lubrication-free sliding elements that are made of the high-performance plastic iglidur J ensure that friction and wear are minimised – not only when using the ready-to-install system in assembly tables, but also in control panels or stage and lighting technology in the theatre and film industry.


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