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Improved capability for vacuum mixing and degassing

Improved capability for vacuum mixing and degassing

Adhesives specialist Intertronics now supplies the THINKY ARV-310P vacuum mixing and degassing machine, an industrial, non-contact planetary mixer suitable for a range of liquids, pastes and powders. The upgraded model includes touch panel operation, improved programme management and a data collection function for traceability.

THINKY planetary centrifugal mixers combine the simultaneous high speed rotation and revolution of a container. The resulting mixing mode puts the materials under acceleration of up to 400G to generate a fast, homogeneous mix. A selectable defoaming mode imparts a higher proportion of centrifugal force to remove air. The ARV-310P goes further by mixing under a vacuum provided by an integral vacuum pump, resulting in no entrapped air, even at micro-bubble level.

The THINKY ARV-310P offers improved programme management ― users can register up to 20 “recipes” of up to five steps, stored under an appropriate name. It has a touch panel display for control and real-time status and progress during operation. Through an RS232 port, remote control operation and programming are available, and operation data collection and storage, which is useful for process validation and traceability.

“Mixing under vacuum prevents air entrapment and removes micro-bubbles, even at less than 100 μm diameter, and even in highly viscous materials,” explained Peter Swanson, Managing Director of Intertronics. “Examples of some applications where very high levels of degassing are required would be mixing specialist optical materials which are intended to be in the light path, or the mixing potting compounds for very high voltage applications where entrapped air may cause dielectric breakdown.

“Intertronics is always there to advise its customers on the best materials and equipment for their applications,” added Swanson. “Our team of specialists is on-hand to demonstrate whether vacuum mixing or atmospheric mixing is appropriate for your application, and to answer any questions about the new functions on this machine.”

The THINKY ARV-310P’s application is broad and the new model can be used for mixing high- to low-viscosity liquids, pastes and powders. Applications include formulating and mixing adhesives, conductive compounds, battery slurries, LED phosphors, nano-particles, pheromones, catalysts other materials that are hard-to-mix and hard-to-degas.


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