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Improved insight for manufacturers of energy efficient technologies

Improved insight for manufacturers of energy efficient technologies

Yokogawa Test & Measurement has added another new instrument to its ScopeCorder family of portable multi-channel data-acquisition recorders, extending and improving their speed, channel count and data acquisition features. As companies develop more energy efficient technologies for transportation, home and industrial appliances as well as new renewable energy sources, the DL950 is designed to offer manufacturers a highly detailed view of an application’s electrical and mechanical behaviour.

The DL950 will find use in many markets, including transportation for applications such as testing electric vehicles and SiC/GaN inverters. Uses in the power and energy sector include capturing data on renewable energy systems, while manufacturers of industrial equipment will find the DL950 invaluable in testing high efficiency motors, robots and sensors.

Providing a unique combination of the high-speed sampling and signal fidelity of an oscilloscope and the long-term data recording capabilities of a recorder, the DL950 measures signals at a high bit resolution while securing data in the harshest of environments. Building on the capabilities of the well-established DL850E, the new DL950 ScopeCorder can handle larger amounts of data at a faster sample rate and with a longer recording time. It has a large acquisition memory up to 8 Gpoint, and a 200 MS/s sample rate at 14-bit, compared to the DL850E’s 100 MS/s at 12-bit. This is twice the sample rate but with much more detail. The DL950 can run up to 32 isolated analogue channels with 10 MS/s at 16-bit or up to 128 digital channels.

This provides a complete solution for developers in the high-precision mechatronics and electric power markets and contributes to the further advancement and development of technology.

The DL950 ScopeCorder provides developers with a high degree of insight into the behaviour of these systems by capturing and analysing a wide variety of electrical signals, mechanical performance parameters indicated by sensors and decoded vehicle serial bus signals. The dual capture feature offers both data acquisition recorder functionality and the sample speed and trigger features of an oscilloscope. This allows developers to analyse the finest waveform details while observing multi-channel measurements over longer periods.

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