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Industrial cloud services available on all embedded platforms

Advantech UK is introducing SUSIAccess V2.0, a remote device management app-lication enabling System Integrators to centralise monitoring and management of remote embedded devices in real-time. The application is also designed to be cloud-based and provides on-demand software services for system integrators to download and upgrade applications as required saving time and cost. All Advantech Embedded Computing products will come pre-loaded with SUSIAccess.

By providing a ready-to-use remote access solution, system integrators can focus more on their own applications and let SUSIAccess configure the system, monitor their devices' health, and recover any systems that may fail.

According to an IDC survey, there will be 25 billion smart devices and intelligent systems in operation around the world by 2020, creating a next generation prototype for the intelligent city. An important feature of all cloud-based systems is intelligent manage-ment functions for equipment and devices. Whether it is installation, maintenance, or updates, the process must be quick and simple. With cloud systems, users can install and download applications, utilities and data via a few simple clicks and they can easily configure their equipment to remotely update itself and provide automatic notifications. SUSIAccess enables embedded developers to differentiate and add more value to their products.

SUSIAccess centralises monitoring of all remote embedded devices; it collects all device data, and provides logs for remote management. When errors occur, it auto-notifies the system administrator via warning popups and email alerts. And if there's a major system crash, it automatically reboots so it can run diagnostics and deploy system recovery procedures.
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