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Intelligent solutions for constructive bonding

Intelligent solutions for constructive bonding

With its core features of high bonding power, stress dissipation and resistance to weather and temperature extremes, Tesa ACXplus was developed to provide architects, specifiers, builders and contractors with a radical alternative to liquid adhesives and mechanical fastening.

'Constructive bonding' includes contemporary applications on some of the world's most iconic buildings with elegant and functional transparent partition walls, door and window panels, signage, aluminium composite panels and reinforcement bars. It is now a key element in many industries and presents a number of challenges. For many applications high-tech materials are used which have special structures and properties and often dissimilar substrates need to be bonded.

The Tesa ACXplus range addresses these issues by often outperforming conventional fastening methods throughout the process, from achieving production efficiencies to delivering long-term performance with better aesthetics and lower maintenance costs.

Much of this is due to a key property of Tesa ACXplus, namely its viscoelasticity. This unique attribute, combining elastic and viscous characteristics, provides both strength and the ability to deal with mechanical stresses. Even on materials with dissimilar surface characteristics bonding performance is excellent and the product is available in a range of tape thicknesses to cope with rough or uneven surfaces.
Tesa ACXplus applications enable designers to create some of the most imposing facades in buildings around the globe where the fastening of glass panels to aluminium is key to the appearance.

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