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IP67 push-fit grommet seals are quick and easy to install

Spelsberg has extended its range of enclosure accessories to include three new grommet seals from Swedish manufacturer TST. The range includes a basic gland seal, the TSS grommet for less demanding low-cost applications, the rubber based Rutaseal and the innovative Klikseal locking grommet. All three are push-fit designs and so are very quick to install, taking 90 percent less time than a conventional cable gland. They provide ingress protection to IP67 and cost also considerably less than a traditional plastic cable gland.

The Klikseal provides most of the advantages of a cable gland while avoiding many of its disadvantages, including its high purchase cost. The main advantage is the fitting time for a Klikseal, which can be as low as ten seconds, compared with minutes for a cable gland. The reduction in fitting time can speed-up installation, and reduce costs on large installations and OEM assembly lines.

Klikseal is constructed using two materials, a high integrity plastic cage provides the 'click' push-fit as the title suggests, adjusting to wall thicknesses from 1.5mm to 5mm automatically and expanding to clamp the seal in place once inserted. The shape of the cage component also provides strong positive cable anchorage once the cable is inserted, something that was previously only available from traditional cables glands with internal clamping and locknuts. Once fitted the Klikseal provides a total seal until the cable is inserted without the need for blanking plugs.

Other advantages offered by all three sealing products include ease of fitting in confined spaces where there is no room to use the spanners needed to effectively tighten a lock-nut.

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