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Is IT taking you backwards into the future?

Is IT taking you backwards into the future?

The IT world is changing fast, and staying abreast of new developments as well as across issues such as security and energy consumption is a constant concern for IT executives.

The full or partial failure of an IT system would constitute an enormous cost to a business but assessing levels of risk - and pre-empting any threat - is a challenging task, not least because updating legacy systems can be very expensive.

Help is at hand, however, with the launch of a new consultancy service from market leaders Rittal which will provide complete and impartial advice on the best solutions for IT and data centre managers to deliver optimal service for their business.

Rittal's wholly independent network of experts can help, providing a comprehensive report ranging from lowering energy consumption to opportunities for greater system efficiencies. These reports can be used to create a compelling business case that can underpin any plans around future cap ex.

The new service does not replace the free site surveys still routinely offered from one of the company's technical sales
team when replacement equipment is being considered. In this instance, the advice provided is based on best practice in the industry drawing from Rittal's comprehensive catalogue of solutions, from racks to power distribution and climate control systems for optimal performance.


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