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Lenze claims quantum leap in AC motor technology

Lenze claims quantum leap in AC motor technology The Lenze Smart Motor brings innovation to standard AC motor technology with a package that offers cost savings to machine builders, particularly in materials handling and conveyors. By adding intelligence to asynchronous motors, the Lenze Smart Motor allows running speeds to be freely set anywhere from 500 to 2600 r/min. Immediately this can generate cost savings by reducing the number of variants of geared motors used on a machine. Instead of several drives with different gear ratios, a single model of Smart Motor can be used with different programmed speeds. Aside from the wide speed setting range, the electronics also achieve high starting torques, soft start and stop ramps, also energy saving.  

Easy operating of the Lenze Smart Motor comes from contactless programming by Lenze smartphone app using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. The app allows free setting of the speed plus start and stop ramps by bringing the smartphone within a distance of 2 cm from the motor. This can be done without the need to power the motor.
The Lenze Smart Motor is not a variable speed drive but instead one that has the speed freely set over a 5:1 speed range. Initially there are two frame sizes available: 63 frame with a rated torque of 1.75 Nm and 80 frame at 5.0 Nm. Both have a remarkable starting torque capacity of 400% and this combined with the adjustable start and stop ramps makes it ideal for conveyors. In many cases the high starting torque capacity - 67% higher than a motor started direct on line - means that the motor can be selected one frame size smaller than before.

The Lenze Smart Motor is available as a package with the new Lenze g500 range of gearboxes. There are three different configurations - helical, shaft mounted helical and helical bevel - with outputs up to 600 Nm. These gearboxes are smaller and lighter than previous models, but also offer high efficiency at around 96%. Combined with the Lenze Smart Motor, efficiency is at IE3 levels with an additional 'eco' option for cost saving at partial loads.

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