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Lenze multi-axis servo drives are easy to use

Lenze multi-axis servo drives are easy to use The i700 servo inverters from Lenze are now fully available for powers up to 15kW (maximum current 64A) with both single and double axis drives.  Designed for multi-axis requirements, the i700 consists of a power supply module plus a number of single and double axis modules with particularly easy interconnection.  Motors can be synchronous or asynchronous servo, alternatively asynchronous 3-phase, with resolver or encoder feedback.  Two plug connectors are provided to loop through real-time EtherCAT communication signals.

Single axis modules are available for peak powers 5 to 64A and double axis modules from 2 x 5 to 2 x 32A. The double axis modules, effectively two independent servo drives in a single casing, give big advantages in terms of reduced panel space, faster installation and particularly lower purchase costs.  All are capable of speed and position control with very short cycle times of 0.25ms.

The i700 is an easy-to-use servo drive with high performance designed to be part of a system with central motion control.  Time saving is enhanced by simple swinging-arm DC links that can be connected in seconds, by integrated RFI filters to category C2, and built-in earth shields for the motor power cables.  Safe Torque Off (STO) to Performance Lenze 'e' is standard.

The i700 servo drives form an ideal part of a controller based automation system linked by EtherCAT.  Lenze offer controller, visualisation and I/O components that can make the system compact, economic and easy to use.  Lenze FAST application software is available with ready-to-use modules that save time in programming functions such as positioning, registration, cam motions and electrical shaft.

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