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Light curing adhesive has high bond strength

Light curing adhesive has high bond strength
Master Bond UV10FL-1 is a unique UV cure adhesive offering an exceptional high strength profile and the ability to cure in thick sections. The bond strength is equal to or exceeds those obtained from conventional room temperature curing epoxy compositions. It has a tensile strength of 2,850 psi, and a tensile modulus of 154,000 psi. Yet it remains a flexible adhesive with elongation at break of 43 percent.

 Ready for use as supplied and ideal as a casting compound, UV10FL-1 is a low viscosity liquid adhesive and can be cured in a wide range of section thicknesses. Castings up to 1/4in thick can be prepared.

This clear epoxy doesn't require complete cure by the UV source since polymerisation will continue after exposure. The UV curable adhesive also exhibits high heat resistance for service up to 150degC. High bond strength is obtained with metals, ceramics, glass, many plastics and elastomers. Long term bond durability is excellent even when exposed to adverse environmental conditions and in contact with water, acids, bases, salts and most organic chemicals. As far as any UV adhesives go, UV10FL-1 has excellent fatigue resistance and performs well under stress even in adverse environments.
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