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Linear encoders developed for PLC applications

The Newall SHG-PV and SHG-PC linear encoders are designed to provide a direct interface to the majority of manufacturers’ PLC, making them ideal for automation and process control systems. Capable of operating across a voltage range of 5-28V DC, the SHG family can be used in a variety of applications where accurate positioning is important. With an IP67 (NEMA 6) rating, the SHG family is able to withstand dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants, making these linear encoders ideal for use in manufacturing environments. Two incremental signal inputs are available. A 5V to 24V HTL (High Threshold Logic) interface is included in the SHG-PV. Output voltage on this encoder is dependent on the on the excitation voltage that is supplied to the unit. Industry standard RS422 TTL open collector output signals are provided by the SHG-PC variant. The output signal is independent of the input voltage.

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