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Logic controller builds in pressure sensing solutions

Logic controller builds in pressure sensing solutions
Crouzet has added a range of Pressure sensors to its Millenium 3 Logic controller. Incorporating new, dedicated functions in its software offer, this solution combines the know-how accumulated by Crouzet in electronics, software engineering and sensing technologies.

Millenium 3 Pressure is the answer to numerous pressure, level and flow applications. The pressure function monitors the state of air filters (clogging), displays differential pressure and measures hydraulic pressure on agricultural equipment. The level function measures levels in tanks, controls the density in processing tanks and remote maintenance of fluid levels in pumping stations. The flow function calculates the volume used on a watering system, displays a flow rate and measures flow in a pipe. The Millenium 3 Pressure solution gives the capability not only for measurement, displays and monitoring, but also to perform calculations using the power of the Millenium 3 logic controller. It can also communicate the data from applications via the modem and Millenium 3 network solutions.

An all-in-one configuration is achieved with three components: the logic controller, the pressure sensor and the dedicated software functions. The Millenium 3 logic controller is available in 24V DC, compact or expandable versions. The pressure sensors are compatible with most neutral fluids and gasses with a measurement range from 0 to 100 bar and are available for sensing either absolute or relative (gauge) pressures. The dedicated function blocks (pressure gain, flow, level, and high level switch) are included in the specific function library to ensure product compatibility and give access to the Millenium 3's easy programming. With this application-specific solution, Crouzet has opted for a specialist approach and with an optimal adapted configuration.

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