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Manometers - indispensable tools for industry and trade

Manometers - indispensable tools for industry and trade

A manometer is a pressure measuring instrument that is used for liquid or gaseous media, depending on the application. They are used to measure overpressure, negative pressure or the differential pressure between two media. Trade, industry, production and research depend on smooth operation. To ensure that machines and components run smoothly, it is usually necessary to measure gases or liquids.

PCE Instruments has a large number of manometers in its portfolio. No matter what type of pressure gauge is required, whether it is a direct or indirect pressure gauge, PCE Instruments has devices for diverse applications in industry, trade, handicraft or research. Most manometers use the outside air pressure as the reference pressure because in rooms or cavities, there is always a pressure. In practice, the different manometers are used to measure, for example, container pressures, pressures in ventilation systems or differential pressures before and after pumps. Another type of pressure measurement is pressure force measurement or tensile force measurement. In this case, the measurement results are not displayed in bar, Pa, etc. but directly in a force unit, for example Newton. The number of available measurement ranges is very high.

PCE Instruments has the most suitable manometer / digital manometer for any application. Industry and research would be inconceivable without manometers as the damage caused by burst pipes and hoses would increase immeasurably.

More information can be found on the PCE website here.


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