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matrIQ-Laser tunable laser source from Laser Components

matrIQ-Laser tunable laser source from Laser Components

Laser Componets offers the matrIQ-Laser which is a continuous wave (CW), tunable laser source offering high-power output, narrow 100kHz linewidth and 0.01pm resolution tunability anywhere within C or L band.

This unit is ideal for telecommunications applications as it covers the full coverage of DWDM channels in C or L band. The device can provide up to 16.5dBm of power with a high stability 100kHz linewidth which the company says makes it an ideal candidate for some of the most demanding applications, such as coherently modulated high-speed communications.

The cohesionUI graphical user interface makes it simple to control matrIQ instruments from your PC or mobile device. Its cutting-edge design offers a sleek modern interface, cross device compatibility, customisable views and remote network access.

Housed in a compact and robust metallic case, its extremely small footprint helps you make the most of your available bench space by stacking them. The matrIQ range of compact USB and ethernet instruments are designed to be portable and versatile, without sacrificing performance for simple setup and operation.


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