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Meeting an automotive industry challenge

Meeting an automotive industry challenge When an automotive manufacturer needed alternative rivet nuts to mount a rear windscreen motor, so as to create a weather resistant and anti-rattle joint, it turned to Gesipa. A special surface treatment coating was requested, along with a chamfer on the rivet nut flange for easy side-by-side placement of three rivet nuts on the same application.

Gesipa designed an M6 square bodied rivet nut with a special chamfer and coating on the flange to go into the application. Stephen Dovernor, Gesipa technical account manager explains: "A square bodied rivet nut is used in applications to allow extra security during the assembly process when compared to a round bodied rivet nut. It provides high torque-to-turn values in applications giving a highly secure joint. Also, when on assembly line there are chances of mistaking a set rivet nut with a weld nut. Thus a square bodied rivet nut helps to distinguish it from a weld nut hence resulting in minimal operational failures."

CAD models were initially used to check the working parameters of the nuts and consequently first samples went onto the assembly line after passing all the required tests. The success of the design led to Gesipa winning the project, as well as ensuring a much stronger collaboration between the company and the automotive manufacturer.
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